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Jesus Christ is Lord Jesus Christ is Lord Jesus Christ is Lord
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About Bobby Ray

Bobby Ray Rankin (Praise Leader & Evangelist) is a Christ follower and uplifter of the faith who travels to Churches, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Concerts and Fundraisers spreading the Good word of Jesus Christ in song, praise, prayer and spirit.

Born again at the age of 13, Bobby Ray heard the calling in 2005 and re-dedicated his life to Jesus Christ. Gods desire in him to tell others about our Lord sends him places all over Texas inspiring both young and old.

In 2008 Bobby Ray debuted his singing gift in a CD Christian musical called "Master of Dreams" written by David Ello where he sang in the roles of both Jacob and the Pharoah.

After the death of his wife in July of 2010, Bobby Ray began volunteering his time at Light House Hospice (singing for grief relief and bedside to terminally ill patients), Resale with a Purpose (A Christian Resale Store) and The Tomball Renewal Center ( A nearly completed Christian shelter for abandoned mothers in Tomball Texas).

Now a days Bobby Ray devotes most of his time singing for Jesus as he shares his gift bringing hope, encouragement,will to live and faith to all of Gods Children. His lifes challenges and message to others is uplifting and truly a blessing from God.

Most recently Bobby Ray participates 1st Sat. a month leading praise for a service at Little Twig (A Sons of Sammaritans run clothing & household center for the community challenged folks in Magnolia Tx. Churches like First Baptist of Magnolia an Wildwood Methodist also contribute many things for the service like food, set up, ministry and much more).

As God moves him forward in Ministry, Bobby Ray continues to work on a second Christian CD album called The"Save Our Nation" Project or The S.O.N Project for short. He continues to pray and believe that Gods funding will be there for all of his ministry activities in 2013 as well be in time to record The SON Project in 2014.  
Bobby Ray Gospel Music Ministries
Jesus Christ is Lord
Jesus Christ is Lord Jesus Christ is Lord Jesus Christ is Lord

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